Rent a bike in Madrid

Cycling in Madrid is not dangerous as far as you follow few basic rules:


  • Drive maintaining a straight and predictable line, signalling clearly your turns with your arms.
  • Fit the appropriate speed. Adapt to the speed of the street where you ride in, and, if possible, choose streets suitable for riders. When you ride on pedestrian priority areas, you must keep in mind their priority, adapting your speed at theirs. In crowded streets, get off your bike and walk.
  • Wearing a helmet is recommended but not mandatory. Safety is based on active protection measures: moderated speed, driving attention, bringing forward your movements and those coming from others, signalling your turns…
  • Reflective elements make you visible even in daylight.
  • Bike mirrors increase your safety.
  • Pay special attention when raining.
  • Lock the bike properly. U-shaped locks are recommended.
  • Insurance is not mandatory but it covers any damage you might cause to others.
  • Observe traffic rules.
  • Keep your bike in good condition to increase safety: brakes, transmission, axis, wheels and lights.
  • Pay special attention at crossings. Many drivers do not signal their turns to the right, cutting off your way and putting you in danger.
  • Don’t relax and be ready to brake, especially when riding among cars. Note that in case of accident bikes and cyclists are the weakest player.
  • Do not drive too close to parked cars to avoid opening doors