A visit to Madrid Río is a great opportunity to learn how people from Madrid enjoy-their leisure time and the bike will be best means of tansportation.


Madrid Río

This is a great recreation area located on both sides of the river Manzanares. To perform this project it was necessary to carry out an important work of civil engineering that consisted of taking a long stretch of the highway M-30 that ran along the river Manzanares. The work has been extended from the years 2007 to 2011.


Río Manzanares

In the place that was occupying the divided highway there has been constructed modern gardens, sources, children attractions and routes for pedestrians, skaters and cyclists.

Madrid Río emerges up on both sides of the river Manzanares its stretch West – south, from the Country-house up to the Usera quarter, to the south of the city, connecting with the South Park of the Manzanares, to which we will dedicate another article.

More than 30 steps between both sides is available to facilitate the transition from one bank to another. From ancient bridges to modern pedestrian walkways and stone bridges that are characterized by its singular architecture, as the oblique bridge or bridge Monumental of the Arganzuela.


Complejo Cultural de Matadero Madrid

Along Madrid River extends 30 kilometres of cycle paths visitors have also 5.506 banks, 63 fountains for drinking, 13 ornamental fountains, an urban beach and, for cyclists, 637 forks parkings and 84 bike stands.


  •  Area with very low contamination.
  •  Possibility of carrying out other activities in addition to the biking, such as circuits biohealth or visit the exhibitions of the Cultural Complex of Matadero Madrid.
  • Wide range of mountain bike rental shops.


  • There are no exclusive routes for cyclists and we need to co-exist with pedestrians and skaters. -When driving in bike it is important to keep focus at all times and not move faster than 20 km per hour.
  • Most of the trees are still young, in the summer we are very exposed to the Sun and do not advise to visit in the heat peak hours.

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Madrid Rio map

Madrid Rio map

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